Oil Paintings

“Travels”20x20"oil on canvas (sold)

“Warmth”30x36"oil on canvas

“Time Lost”20x28"oil on canvas

“Hadley Breeze”24x16"oil on canvas

“Somewhere Near Albuquerque”22x30"oil on canvas

“Backyard Visitor”36x24"oil on canvas (sold)


“Presence”36x24"oil on canvas

“Hadley Meadow 2”8x8"oil on panel

“Survivor”38x26"oil on canvas

“Daydream 17”8x8"oil on panel (sold)

“Daydream 28”20x28"oil on canvas

“Yesterday’s River”30x22"oil on canvas (sold)

“Daydream 31”6x6"oil on panel (sold)

“Hadley Meadow 1”10x10"oil on canvas (sold)

“Daydream 22”8x8"oil on panel

“Daydream 20”6x6"oil on panel

“Daydream Energy”12x12"oil on panel (sold)

“Cape Cod Winter”8x8"oil on panel

“Daydream 25”6x6"oil on panel (sold)

“Somewhere in Santa Fe”24x24"oil on canvas (sold)

“Santa Fe Daydream”6x6"oil on panel (sold)

“Daydream 11”8x8"oil on panel (sold)

“Daydream 6”8x8"oil on panel (sold)

“Daydream with Green”6x6"oil on panel (sold)

“Daydream #7”8x8"oil on panel (sold)

“Cape Cod Daydream 1”8x10"oil on panel

“Daydream with White”6x6"oil on panel (sold)

“Daydream #8”6x6"oil on panel

“View of Hadley”6x6"oil on panel (sold)

“Daydream”6x6"oil on panel (sold)

“Somewhere Else”6x6"oil on panel (sold)

“Tomorrow’s Dream”6x6"oil on panel

“Quiet Valley”5x7"oil on canvas

“Song of the Day”8x8"oil on panel

“The Long Walk”6x6"oil on panel

“Blackburnian Warbler” 6x6" oil on panel (sold)

“Release”6x6"oil on panel

“Rose Campion”36x24"oil on canvas

“Red Poppies”36x24"oil on canvas

“Cornsilk Abstraction 1”22x30" oil on canvas

“Iris #1”18x24"oil on canvas

“Bleeding Heart”18x24"oil on canvas

“September Sunflower”20x20"oil on canvas

“Iris”36x36"oil on canvas

National Memberships
National Association of Independent Artists
AIGA, Professional Association for Design

Local Memberships
Sawmill River Arts Gallery, Montague, MA
Cottage Street Studios, Easthampton, MA

My Painting Process
Working on stretched canvas or panels,
I use professional-grade oil paints and
walnut oil as a medium. I do not use solvents
while painting or during clean-up.

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